Arduino flasher 3.3v

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This explains how to:

  • Easily lower the voltage of an arduino
  • Use that arduino to flash a coreboot image on a GM45 Thinkpad with a SOIC16 chip

It requires:

  • An AVR Arduino at 5v
  • An USB<->Serial adapter capable of providing enough current to power up:
    • The arduino
    • The flash chip
    • The circuits around the flash chip

It was tested with:

  • An "nano version 3.3"
  • A Sparkfun "FTDI Basic 3v3" (Uses an FTDI FT232R)


  • Flash the Arduino with frser-duino and lower the serial port speed to 115200
# make u2
# BLBAUD=57600 SERIAL_DEV=/dev/ttyUSB0 make program
  • Connect the FTDI adapter to RX and TX of the arduino
  • Connect the 3V3 of the FTDI adapter to the 5V pin of the Arduino
  • Connect the GND of the FTDI adapter to the GDN of the arduino.
  • Get an USB cable and don't connect it to the computer
  • Connect it to the FTDI adapter
  • Connect the clip (Like a SOIC-8 or SOIC16 Pomona clip) to the arduino
  • Connect the USB cable to the computer.