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The coreboot project currently runs two mailing lists:

  • For questions and general information about coreboot, please subscribe to the coreboot mailing list. Note: This list currently gets an average of about 1000-1500 mails per month. If you're not subscribed, your post will be held temporarily for moderator approval (to combat spam).
  • If you want to get brief news about coreboot's progress, please subscribe to the coreboot-announce mailing list. This list is moderated and will only get very few posts per month.
  • Flashrom related mails are welcome at the coreboot mailing list. For emergencies, the unmoderated list can be used. (This list will be moderated and public soon, but there will be a way to post emergency notices without subscribing. Stay tuned.)

You can also contact us via IRC if you prefer that.