Per region file arguments

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Current chromium impl.

Current chromium flashrom implements the syntax like this:

   [-i <region>[:<file>]]... -r|-w|-v [<filename>]

Where <filename> can be given anywhere on the command line (non-positional).


  • if no <filename> is given, all -i arguments must specify a <file>
  • For reading:
    • if any -i region:<file> is given along with <filename>, read all included regions into <filename> and all included regions with a <file> specified into the respective file
  • For writing and verifying:
    • if any -i region:<file> is given along with <filename>, the data of -i region:<file> takes precedence
    • regions with files given with -i region:<file> must not overlap

More details:

More explicit alternative

   [-i <region>]... (-r|-w|-v [<region>:]<filename>)...

Easier to implement, no optional arguments, no non-positional arguments.

Rules for sanity:

  • combinations of -r/-w/-v are not allowed
  • -r/-w/-v <filename> (i.e. without a <region>) may only be specified once
  • if no -r/-w/-v <filename> (i.e. without a <region>) is specified, no -i arguments may be given either

optional Rules:

  • forbid combinations of -r/-w/-v <filename> without a <region> and with? less flexible but easier to use