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Some quotes of flashrom users

2015-02-03 on IRC:

<user> Flashrom just saved my ass.
<user> I am so thankful for that program, I can barely articulate how much.
<user> Too bad I can't donate.
<user> I had managed to flash the wrong BIOS on a server motherboard. I thought it was a slightly different board with a very slightly different name for the BIOS image, and I thought the warning was bogus so I passed the "ignore errors" flag to the flash program.
<user> The machine was still bootable afterwards but missing some important functionality. And the magic flag to ignore errors didn't work to flash back to the good BIOS. After a mild panic I booted the Fedora installer, grabbed the flashrom binary and BIOS image via scp and flashed it with no problems at all.

2015-07-14 on the Mailinglist:

Using flashrom i was able to repair about 180 computers. The computers are to be shipped to projects in Africa. Thanks to you thousands of students can get a computer education.