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I've no code in flashrom yet, but I made a flashrom compatible arduino programmer and participated in testing and documentation.

With regard to testing I've the following programmers:

  • (old) M4A785T-M with W25x80 DIP8(with and without coreboot) => works fine
  • (old) X60 with coreboot and MX25L1605 => works fine
  • Arduino uno and duemillanove (serprog based) => 5v only, which is problematic
  • openmoko debug board (FTDI based) => worked fine until broken in lastest svn at the time of writing,also had speed issues with some chips...
  • (really old) 3com Nic => works fine
  • some (really really old) reaktek cards but without chip on them.
  • linux_spi compatible hardwre... => works fine too so far...
  • An atahpt that doesn't work when adding its PCI IDs(but atahpt are known not to work according to the mailing list)
  • A very old AGP Nvidia card(I didn't test it yet)
  • A recent geforce 210 that didn't work when adding the PCI IDs

I've also the following hardware:

  • pomona clip for recovering my x60
  • some chips(2MB SO8(currently soldered), 16MB SO8)