Supported flash chipsΒΆ

The list of all supported flash chips is in flashchips.c file in the source tree. If you have a flashrom repo cloned locally, you can look at the file in your repo.

Alternatively inspect the file on the web UI of our GitHub mirror.

If you can run flashrom locally, the command flashrom -L prints the list of all supported flash chips (see Manual page for more details on command line options). The output of this command is long, so you might want to save it to file or grep.

If you want to check whether a flash chip is supported in the given release, you can rebase your local repo at the release tag, alternatively select a tag/branch in GitHub web UI (dropdown on the top-left).

Each chip definition is described by a struct flashchip in include/flash.h, which you can inspect in the same way, either in local source tree or on GitHub web UI.

Note the .tested status of the chip. If the status is TEST_UNTESTED this means chip definition has been added purely based on datasheet, but without testing on real hardware.

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