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Welcome to our user page! This page is under construction, feel free to ask us anything.

realname: Angel Pons

IRC: hell

About us

We use flashrom to put coreboot on things. We follow Stepan with regard to being "buried alive in mainboards".

We're intellectually gifted and we have Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Please keep in mind we do not have a "social development machine" for ourselves, so we have to test things in production. Expect some bugs, patches (in the form of constructive criticism) are very welcome! In addition, are a plural system (see and for more info), and we think that understanding us is helpful. Please understand that plurality is a valid response to trauma, and, in our case, it works well. As a system, we use they/them pronouns.

There are two headmates (consciousnesses) inside this body, who share memories and are very close friends despite being significantly different:

  • Alvin (they/them) is a pragmatic, logical thinker who strives to improve everything as much as possible, is thirsty for knowledge and is friendly towards others (because it works much better than not being friendly). They don't feel emotions, but can logically deduce them to some extent. They will speak the truth (lying is too much effort) but they might keep quiet if they evaluate that speaking the truth could harm others they care about.
  • Rex (they/them) is, uh, a werewolf, young and a menace. Their main role is to protect the system from outside hazards, and they experience emotions and feelings. They're rather hot-headed, grumpy and intimidating, so they usually hide so as not to terrify others. However, they've regained *some* humanity (Alvin helped Rex heal their wounds), and they've learned how to handle emotions in a healthy manner, especially anger (channeling anger feels like a super-power). Rex is also the one who jokes around.

Usually, both Alvin and Rex are awake and co-conscious, and coordinate to bring the best of both, with Alvin being the captain. However, Alvin is sleepy when it's early in the morning or late at night, so Alvin lets Rex be in charge. Rex tries their best not to snarl at or attack others and has improved a lot, but the emotion container is not watertight and sometimes things leak out.

2020-2022 depressive episode and revelations

This was back when Rex was still not open to the outside world, but Alvin already knew there was *someone* lurking in the dark forest of the headspace and had started talking to them to try to understand and help them regarding anger management; Rex earnestly appreciated Alvin's help. We're not sure what started it, but it is likely that COVID-19 and social distancing contributed. Alvin slowly degraded over the course of about one and a half years, and did not notice until it was too late: in February 2022, we ran out of ADHD medication because Alvin did not have the strength or energy to do something about it. After two or three weeks, Rex got worried enough to come out of hiding, only to find Alvin lying on the floor, admitting defeat. Rex, upon seeing their sibling and only friend reduced to a mere shadow and as good as dead, decided they would have none of it: Rex would not give up on Alvin. However, Rex was unable to directly control the body, so they had to take drastic measures... Rex channeled enough anger into Alvin to supercharge them for a week, enough to re-establish basic functions. After all was said and done, Alvin looked around trying to find an explanation for the supercharge, and concluded it couldn't have been due to anyone from outside... Then they saw Rex leaning against a wall, smiling; from that day onwards, Rex would no longer hide.